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5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

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In the 15th century, the habit of drinking coffee was first recorded. America did not begin to drink coffee until the 1773 Boston Tea Party, when the drinking of coffee was introduced to the country. It is a historical fact that the American people have become very dependent on coffee as a morning drink during the 19th century. Although, some people may also say that coffee does more than just wake them up in the morning. Also, it helps the cells of the liver, lungs, brain, and kidneys to fight the free radicals that may cause a wide range of health problems, such as:

1. It protects the liver

from damage in a number of ways including protecting the liver from toxins. It is important to keep the liver healthy because it is the largest internal organ in the body. In this day and age where viruses and bacteria are so prevalent, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. In addition to protecting our liver from diseases that invade it, coffee can also protect our liver against cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcohol consumption. The consumption of coffee has also been shown to reduce hepatitis C virus replication in the liver, according to a couple of coffee studies.

2. Lowers the risk of type diabetes.

Diabetes is the health condition in which the body’s ability to process glucose is affected. Diabetes type 2 is a health problem that can occur due to excess glucose in our bloodstream. Researchers at Harvard University have studied coffee consumption throughout the last twenty years and concluded that increasing coffee consumption by one cup a day lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes by 17%.

3. May prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s disease affects over 5 million people in the United States. As a result, many people try to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by following the advice of experts. However, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that will gradually erase all memories in a period of several years. According to studies on Alzheimer’s disease, exercise, eating healthy foods, and drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing that debilitating mental disease.

4. Reduces the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, there are approximately sixty thousand people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every year. According to a study that was conducted on Parkinson’s disease, combining caffeine with EHT (Eicosanoyl-5-Hydroxytryptamide) can slow down the progression of the disease. Similarly, Parkinson’s disease patients who drink coffee also have lower scores in tremor scores than Parkinson’s patients who don’t drink coffee, according to a study on Parkinson’s disease.

5. Lowers the risk of heart disease.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, two cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of heart disease and stroke by 20%. The number of strokes increases every year, with 790,000 people having strokes every year. Drinking four cups of coffee per day is one way to avoid experiencing a stroke, according to researchers who conducted a meta-analysis of coffee drinking.

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