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Healthy Eating Without Cooking

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Grain that has been precooked

You can increase your fiber intake by eating whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa, which will lower your chances of developing heart disease, colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes. In spite of the long cooking times, you can still enjoy their benefits without having to wait until the end of it. It is possible to find precooked grains in the frozen food section of the supermarket, or you can buy them in microwave-ready bowls or pouches; just keep an eye out for the added sodium. It makes a great side dish or can be mixed with veggies or precooked meat for a complete meal.

Veggies that are frozen

The frozen green beans, which are a type of produce, contain the same amount of nutrients as the fresh ones, and sometimes even more. Shearing, shucking, or soaking the chestnuts are not necessary – they can simply be heated on the stovetop or in the microwave. To top it all off, the chestnuts have a much lower sodium content than average canned goods. They can be incorporated into a salad, added to soups in a can, or even served with microwaved brown rice.

Strips of precooked chicken

Even if you are cooking for only one person or two, precooked chicken strips make a better alternative to a full fryer or even frozen cutlets if you are only cooking for one or two. You should balance their higher sodium content with the rest of your meal. You can add them to a salad or serve them alongside whole-grain sides and steamed vegetables. Stick with lean grilled types of strips. Breaded strips will increase the amount of fat, sodium, and other additives in the dish.

That’s it for now

The best way to bulk up and add flavor to your lunch is to opt for easy-to-slice produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers that you can easily slice. Also, you can use low-sodium canned chickpeas to make mashed chickpeas and to stuff other veggies and sprouts if you like. Lavash is a great flatbread to make wraps out of. It’s perfect for holding the ingredients together with hummus, mayonnaise, or peanut butter. 

A delicious chicken deli

It can be a smart idea to pick up a rotisserie chicken that makes more than one meal without working on it. There are certain types of chickens, however, that are better than others. It is quite common for Delis to inject their chickens with sugar, sodium, and other ingredients to keep the birds moist and make them look better for longer periods of time. Try to find chickens that are USDA-certified organic and low in sodium. Ask the manager of the store for the label if one does not appear. 

Soups with lower sodium

In reality, most of even the healthiest soups contain quite a bit of salt — this is what makes them such common store-bought staples. Nonetheless, there are many soups on the market today that contain less sodium than your average soup. It is also possible to make canned soup a lot heartier and add a lot of health benefits to it by adding a few veggies from your fridge or using leftover brown rice or rotisserie chicken. To give the dish an extra flavor punch, you can add some shaved Parmesan cheese to it to give it an extra boost.

Canned salmon

It’s always handy to have tuna fish on hand as a convenient go-to option, but did you know that the majority of salmon in pouches and cans are sourced from wild fish? Consequently, it has a significantly lower calorie content and saturated fat content than those that are found in farm-raised poultry. For a filling meal, spread it on a salad or dress it up with frozen vegetables and pesto for a delicious meal.

Eggs that are ready to eat

A boiled egg doesn’t take very long to cook. There are times, however, when you just feel like you need to eat something right away. At those times, prepackaged hard-boiled eggs are the perfect solution. It still contains plenty of protein, low saturated fat and antioxidants, as well as minerals such as copper, zinc, and iron. You can slice them up and sprinkle them over salad or toast, add them to a breakfast bowl, or eat them directly from the bag. 

Crudités Trays Are Handy

I would recommend serving raw vegetables as an appetizer as well as crudités if you are feeling fancy. These would be things like celery sticks, carrot sticks, slices of cucumber, and cherry tomatoes. Feel free to add your own flair to the salad by adding romaine lettuce, bell peppers, pickles, fruit, whatever pleases you. Make sure that you round out your platter with ready-made hummus, salsa, or a savory yogurt dip.

Apple Dressed Up

It is one of my favorite things to eat apples whole, but there are so many things that pair nicely with them.

Take a wedge and dip it into nut butter, such as cashew, sunflower, almond, or peanut butter, or eat it with a bite of cheese for a filling snack.

Make quick-cooking oatmeal by chopping apples and dates into small pieces. If adding seeds like chia or hemp, make sure that you combine them thoroughly. Make sure that you add your favorite spice to enhance the flavor.

It is a good idea to make a raw apple or pear dish. Slice into quarters, add nuts and dried fruits, a sprinkle of oats, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a splash of cinnamon.

Salad with beans

If you want to make a complete meal, grab a few cans of beans — green beans, cannellini beans, garbanzo beans, and kidney beans are great choices. You can also add chopped veggies and avocadoes to make it a bit more interesting. Then drizzle on your favourite dressing to make it even more delicious. You may also roll up your salad with large leaves of collard greens and serve it as a wrap.

Taking out the trimmings

Takingout (or delivery) should be your go-to meal when you don’t want to cook. Moreover, it is pretty simple to decide what to consume in order to maintain good health. There are many restaurants that offer special “healthy” symbols on their menus to help out. It is a good idea to order skinless, lean meat cooked almost any way except fried; whole-grain bread or pasta; a baked potato or salad instead of a side dish with a lot of fat. The fried and calorie-laden appetizers and the calorie-laden desserts should be avoided. 

Meals prepared on site

There are a large number of companies delivering healthy precooked meals to the majority of the country. You might be surprised at how much money you can save if you take into consideration the waste you may incur during the cooking and storage process. We have a wide variety of breakfasts available for you to choose from, such as budget, gourmet, plant-based, low-calorie, low-carb, and even special diet meals. It is very common for companies to offer both à la carte and subscription plans. It is even possible to get 100% fresh products from some companies. Usually the price of each meal ranges between $8.50 and $18.  

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